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Temporary Office / Direksi Keet Works at Sumbagsel-1

08 / 03 / 2023 - Press Release

Temporary Office / Direksi Keet

The definition of a temporary office in a building project is a building used for project activities. At the time the building works were underway. This building is very important in a project, even though it is temporary and the model is simple.

Its main function is usually for administrative purposes. Although it can be used for anything related to work. Temporary office buildings usually contain building sketches, important notes, handyman tools, work schedules, and so on. Other rooms can also be added such as special staff rooms, breaks, and so on.

Stages in the construction/manufacturing of temporary offices:

  • Before starting to build, of course you have to make a building design first.
  • The next stage in the construction of the temporary office is the manufacture of the building components.
  • After the drawings of the directors of the project have been completed, and the components have been tested, the next step is moving the components.
  • In the final stage, the development process will be carried out by a number of experts. These experts are not arbitrary, with experience and skills that are trusted. Especially in terms of the construction of buildings that are prefabricated.